The Benefits Of Stucco Exterior For Your Home

The Benefits Of Stucco Exterior For Your Home

House exteriors can be built with a variety of materials, but none have the benefits that stucco exteriors offer. Keep your home safer, quieter, and save money with this low-maintenance material. Western Wall Finishes provides professional installation so that you can get the most out of the benefits stucco has to offer.

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Fire Resistant

Every second counts when it comes to house fires. Unlike vinyl siding that does not stop the spread of flames, stucco is fire resistant. When installed by a professional, stucco finishes receive a one-hour fire rating, meaning stucco exteriors keep the heat of a fire from affecting the interior of your home for up to an hour. This gives you more valuable time to get out.

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Sound Dampening

If the sounds of a noisy highway, trains, or loud neighborhood seep into your home at all hours, then stucco exteriors are your chance to get some peace and quiet. Unlike wood or vinyl siding, stucco exteriors absorb sound in a similar way to bricks.

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Energy Efficient

Whether you are facing the extreme heat of the south or the cool temperatures of the north, stucco will insulate your home from both. Spend less money on cranking up the heater or air conditioner by getting a stucco finish. It’s better for you and the environment!

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Low Maintenance

No more wasting weekends painting your house's exterior or replacing portions that have succumbed to rot. Stucco exteriors require minimal maintenance, primarily consisting of touching up small cracks that are caused by temperature changes. These can often be managed by the homeowner and some caulking. Clean it with a power washer or a bristle brush with some dish soap a couple of times a year to keep it looking new.

Why go through the hassle that living with vinyl, wood, or brick exteriors inflict on homeowners? Stucco finishes are easier to install and maintain while offering a variety of other benefits. Western Wall Finishes can make life even easier by taking care of all the heavy lifting of finishing your home with stucco.

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