How to Repair Your Exterior Stucco

How to Repair Your Exterior Stucco

At Western Wall Finishes, we specialize in exterior stucco finishes and repairs for our customers based in New Mexico. Stucco is not only a beautiful finish, but it is also unique and low maintenance. Nonetheless, our experienced team members are proud to be a part of a reputable company that provides quality service to happy customers. Your exterior stucco can be repaired by our professionals at your convenience. Learn more about our stucco repair today!

Stucco wall and window

Synthetic or Traditional

Synthetic stucco is a bit softer than traditional stucco. Moreover, traditional stucco is a bit harder and sounds solid when tapped. Each type of stucco has its benefits, and our team of experienced professionals can repair either type of stucco you have or want.

Unique Southwestern style home with stucco


Many people find the surface of stucco to be aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Stucco is unique and a great addition to the exterior of your home. If your stucco needs repairs, you can trust Western Wall Finishes to get the job done and have your exterior looking great in no time!

White stucco exterior on a home

Low Maintenance

One of the reasons people love stucco as an exterior finish is it’s low maintenance. Stucco can maintain its appearance from noticeable cracks up to 50 years before it needs repairing. However, it does require proper maintenance to meet that lifespan.

Man applying stucco to the exterior of a home

Why Choose Us?

At Western Wall Finishes, we have over 20 years of experience in the industry, and we want to exceed your expectations for your exterior stucco repair. Our reputation can be attributed to the happy customers we have served over the years, and we hope to build and maintain our relationships with everyone we meet. Read our reviews here!

If you need your exterior stucco repaired, you can trust that Western Wall Finishes will do a superior job to get it looking its best. Our talented and experienced specialists care about your satisfaction, and we want your exterior to look beautiful. Get an estimate for your stucco repair now!

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