Four Unique Wall Finishes To Make Your Home Yours

Four Unique Wall Finishes To Make Your Home Yours

Your Albuquerque home should be a unique reflection of your preferences and style. Whether you dwell in a custom-built home or you’ve settled in well over the last few years, Western Wall Finishes can help make your house a reflection of who you are. Our experienced, award-winning team in New Mexico is excited to re-do and refinish your interior wall paneling and stucco interior walls. Discover a few unique wall finishes we recommend to help personalize your living space and get in touch with us today!


Interior Pebbled Plaster

If you’re interested in adding a focal point to your interior wall paneling, there is no better way to add bold texture than to choose a pebble plaster finish. This type of wall is achieved by combining small pebbles and crushed stones with a traditional coat of plaster. If you’re interested in adding rustic yet classy elements of the outdoors into your home, let Western Wall Finishes help create your vision.


Scrapped Plaster

Homeowners who are looking to strike a balance between smooth wall finishes or interior wall paneling can benefit from scrapped plaster. This aesthetic starts with a smooth plaster finish but is made more textured through the use of a steel straight edge or saw blade. Go for a slightly less bold, but still beautiful finish when you partner with our highly-recommended Western Wall Finishes staff.


Lace Textured Stucco

When it comes to stucco interior walls, a common aesthetic in New Mexico homes is lace-textured stucco. Different from the prior styles of interior wall paneling, this style takes traditional stucco and imprints a distinctive heavy or light “lace” pattern on top. For homeowners seeking a subtle, classic form of texture while still being on-trend, this type of stucco is perfect.


Smooth Stucco

If you’re looking to take a step away from texture altogether, your stucco interior walls can remain smooth and flawless. Our Western Wall Finishes team can help you create this type of style by providing smooth, gorgeous interior wall paneling to perfectly match your wall decor and furniture.

Create the interior wall paneling you’ve always wanted with Western Wall Finishes! With a 25-year extended warranty on our projects and award-winning work, we’re Albuquerque’s best reputable interior and exterior wall finishers. Get in touch with us today to get started on your next project!

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