4 Popular Interior Stucco Wall Finishes

4 Popular Interior Stucco Wall Finishes

If you're looking for a beautiful, unique interior wall finish, you should consider stucco. Stucco is a versatile material that can be used to create a variety of finishes, each with its own unique look. In this blog post from Western Wall Finishes in Albuquerque, we will discuss four popular interior stucco wall finishes that our clients love!


Cat Face Finish

Also referred to as Montalvo or California finish, the Cat Face finish provides a smooth surface with small to large rough areas. These rough patches are known as "cat faces" since they appear to be little cats peeking through the wall texture!

You may achieve Montalvo finishes using both synthetic and traditional stucco. They're made up of two layers: first, a rough coat, followed by a smoother coat, allowing the cat faces to peek through for the desired effect.

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Sand Finish

A sand finish, as the name would suggest, has a coating that looks like it was made with sand. The term "float finish" is often used to describe a sand finish. Businesses are very fond of this sort of finish. You may choose between a smooth, medium, or rough texture.

The sand style is frequently mistaken for a dash finish due to their similar appearances. They do, however, have certain distinctions. The texture of a sand finish is more delicate than that of a dash finish. A thick sand stucco finish may occasionally resemble a thin dash coating.

To obtain a float finish, we'll apply the stucco mix by troweling with a plastering float. Sand finishes are perfect for hiding imperfections, and it is very easy to patch up as well.


Spanish Lace Finish

Among the various types of popular stucco finishes, we have the tried and true Spanish Lace finish that is quite common for homeowners. It is often referred to as "skip-trowel finish" as well. Spanish Lace is a wonderful choice for covering up flaws and works well in both homes and businesses. Spanish Lace finishes are typically applied with two coats — the base coat first and then the texture coat. You may pick between a fine, medium, and coarse texture, just like you would with a sand finish.


Santa Barbara Finish

The Santa Barbara stucco finish is a great option for individuals seeking a California adobe-style look. Its texture has tiny sand particles, which give it a semi-smooth feel. To obtain this appearance, our stucco specialists apply two coats of the conventional stucco material with a pool trowel.

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